Capture and Analysis of Shapes in Motion

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Work program

The overall research program is divided into four main parts:

Temporally Consistent Modeling (WP1)

Contact: Franck Hétroy
The goal of this work package is to construct temporally consistent mesh models, from the input videos. Basic biometric information can possibly be used to enhance this construction.

Shape analysis (WP2)

Contact: Bruno Lévy
The goal here is to investigate novel approaches to extract intrinsic properties of shape models as well as statistical information (mean shapes), given 4D models of moving shapes as obtained from WP1.  This work-package will make use of spectral analysis tools to study intrinsic shape properties. Note also that the output of this work-package can be helpful in WP1 for the construction of temporally consistent meshes (WP1).

Motion analysis (WP3)

Contact: Lionel Reveret
The goal of this work package propose new temporal descriptors that allow statistical description of human motions.  These descriptors can be based on 4D models (WP1) as well as on intrinsic shape properties (WP2). This work-package will build on manifold learning tools to identify relevant features for such description.

Biometric models (WP4)

Contact: Olivier Martin
WP4 will study and specify biometric models and anthropometric data, based on shape and motion analysis tools.

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